Dyson Warranty

Any Dyson product's warranty is done directly with Dyson themselves. Upon purchase you will receive a sealed box (colours may vary) with a grey sticker that has the serial number on it. You must go to dysoncanada.ca to register the serial number and obtain your warranty. Any issues with the product, you must call Dyson as warranty is done at your house, office or wherever you prefer. Home Essentials do not offer instore warranty for any Dyson products as per Dyson's policy

In store Warranty

All Items in store with the exception of Dyson, has one month warranty with Home Essentials Clearance Center. Depending on an item, the manufacturer's warranty varies after one month in-store warranty ends.

No Returns on any items as we are already a Clearance Center

Exchange with the same item is allowed if and only the item bought is broken, or it doesn't work. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Send Us any Email for questions